"The perfect combination of leadership and experience coupled with new enthusiasm! It's going to be a great year. Each one of them an outstanding person in their own right, this is how you grow mounted shooting." Brian Bequette, fellow CMSA member and Holster Maker

"This was the most fun I have had in a long time. This group is awesome. I would recommend this clinic to anyone wanting the best gun training for their horse." Becky (Intro Clinic Participant)

"Awesome clinic and learned a ton! Thanks for hosting!" Jaime (Intro Clinic Participant)

"Was an amazing day. Learned so much!" Sarah (Advanced Clinic Participant)

"I highly recommend this clinic for anyone interested in mounted shooting. Ben and Travis are great guys to learn from!" Barry (Advanced Clinic Participant)

"Thanks, had a great time and learned a lot. Great clinics." Pete (Intro and Advanced Clinic Participant)

"Two of the best shooters and people I know. Great idea and perfect way to promote the sport." Sandy (Fellow CMSA Competitor)

"Well we sure had fun today. Cowboy mounted shooting who'd a thunk it I loved it! A little nervous in the beginning but I had a blast and I wanna do it again! Met some amazing people who are just as genuine and kind as they can be! And we learned so much! I'll post some videos in the comments of our rock star clinicians Travis Smith and Ben Denney!" Lauren (Intro Clinic Participant)

"It was pretty cool and they are very good and slow with getting the horses used to the guns." Sable (Intro Clinic Auditor)

"Had a blast today. Didn't expect to have that much fun!" Lori (Intro Clinic Participant)

Feedback from Featured clinician appearances