About Us

With a combined twenty-five plus years in the sport, Ben and Travis are the most experienced mounted shooters in the Midwest currently hosting clinics! They are both high level mounted shooters, currently CMSA Level Five cowboys, and both President of their respective local mounted shooting clubs. The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association has a total of six levels, everyone begins at a level one, and only by qualified wins can you achieve each subsequent level. Only the fastest and most consistent shooters ever reach the higher echelon of Levels Five and Six, considered the "Open" class. Travis and Ben have worked extremely hard to be competitive at a very technical and skilled sport, and they claim to have made nearly every mistake in the book on the way to reaching their goals. They've also had a ton of help from other shooters, and have always tried to pass on that hard-earned and handed-down knowledge to anyone seeking help. That natural inclination to pay it forward, coupled with the drive to keep their sport strong and moving in a positive direction, led Ben and Travis to start Iron Sixes. Together, they've worked hard to develop a very specific horsemanship-based curriculum and clinic outline, designed to give others the tools and skills they need to be successful at mounted shooting. 

Iron Sixes is really about growing our sport, and taking the steep learning curve out of the game for new and current shooters! 

Ben and Travis don't make claims that you'll walk away from a one-day clinic a seasoned competitor, or that they have all the answers. What they can guarantee, is that you'll receive all the tips and tricks they have in their possession, to potentially make becoming a successful shooter much easier. The mission of Iron Sixes Horsemanship has always been to create a fun, positive learning platform that allows everyone to stay motivated, share knowledge and advance our skills. Because of that, they really strive to package that learning in a down-to-earth day of fun with you and your horse.

No gimmicks, no promises, and no clinicians putting themselves above you, if these guys don't know the answer, they'll be the first to tell you, and then you'll solve the question or problem together. 

Ben and Travis still have their own goals they are trying to achieve, and are always seeking to improve, but they are also very committed to helping fellow mounted shooters navigate road blocks, or learn the ins and outs of the greatest equine sport in the world! They want to see you succeed and have fun in mounted shooting, and are always available as mentors to help in whatever capacity you need them. These guys love their sport, they love helping people, and they'll make you feel welcome and part of the group, which has the awesome side effect of achieving the best learning environment possible.